Circle of Friends Preschool and Children’s Center is a non-profit, child centered school. Under the guidance of professionally trained teachers and assistants, the school provides an atmosphere in which the child feels free to develop his or her interests in a fun, wholesome, noncompetitive environment.

Our program is designed to offer a variety of experiences that promote social, emotional, cognitive and physical growth. We provide rich teacher-child ratios so that educators can provide developmentally appropriate curriculum that is fun and innovative. Our staff works tirelessly to provide positive preschool experiences that foster a life long love of learning.

By observing each child as an individual, our teachers can work with that child to draw out and expand upon his or her thoughts and feelings, recognizing those thoughts and feelings to be a valuable and essential part of the child’s education. By guiding our students and addressing their needs, our teachers help each child develop to his or her greatest potential.